First Snake...Make a Summer Wish

Yep…it’s that time of year again. I was blowing the tree sex residue out of the gutters with an extension blower and look what plopped out at my feet.

The first snake of the year.

Do you ever have those dreams when as best you try you cannot keep your eyes open?

I dreamed last night I was in the cavernous wooden hull of a ship. It was dark, dank, and foggy. I was walking with an acquaintance trying to make out a path in the darkness and fog.

I remember having my yellow swim trunks on and a bandanna around my neck. I was barefooted.

To make matters more difficult I had my eyes closed and strained to open them every few seconds to see where I was going.

I didn’t want my companion to know I was walking with my eyes closed because he might think I was strange.


Michael said...

"I didn’t want my companion to know I was walking with my eyes closed because he might think I was strange" ... yeah, 'cause, you know, walking barefoot in swim trunks in the bottom of a dank dark wooden ship is as common as apple pie.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Exactly. But that was my worry at the time.

terri said...

Is wishing on a snake a common thing? I'd have run screaming like a little girl if that thing had fallen out of a gutter in my presence.

I rarely dream, much less remember what I dreamt. I do remember as a kid, having dreams about needing to run away from something dangerous and not being able to get my legs out of slow motion. Or falling from the sky and waking up with a jolt. I don't have those dreams anymore.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...I just made that wish thing up. I hate snakes but let them be except for copperheads. They get shot.

I dream fantastic dreams every night and remember the best ones when I wake up. I forget them during the day but look forward to dreaming again.

I still have the falling dreams, the can't run dreams, and I fly around a lot. I visit places and people I like and often see dead people again in dreams like they never died.

none said...

You found a gutter snake!

Ali said...

Aaaaaagh! Snake! Heebie jeebie dance is going full tilt right now...eeeeeek!

Unknown said...

Did you HAVE to post a picture?!!!

It is only 8am and I alreayd have the heebie jeebies now!!!

Chris said...

Yuck for snakes...

P.S. Congrats on your Miss USA title.
Not you directly, but you get it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm with Jay and I totally forgot that he and I have that in common.

That making the hair on my back stand up!!!!! I hate snakes and I complain about the cold here but that is precisely what keeps me from every stumbling upon something like THAT!!

Man! I'm still sitting straight up freaked out!!!!!