RV Guy

I had the RV Guy come out this afternoon to give my 5th wheel a once over before we hit the road this spring.

I recall last season late that the water heater was not working on propane. In addition the 12 volt lights were constantly dimming.

It is really a pain in the butt to be into a nice relaxing RV camping trip and some system goes completely down.

This “RV GUY” is a new service whereby I sit on my ass and the guy comes to me. It is a lot less trouble that hooking up the monster and dragging it across town. Then unhooking the beast only to come back a few days later to hook up, tow and park the behemoth.

He fixed some unique to RV stuff that was mainly cosmetic and “unwinterized” the plumbing, checked the tires, propane systems, blew out leaves and cobwebs and found two problems.

The water heater has two valves and one is bad and will require a new valve to work on propane.

The 12 volt light flickering thing appears to be a relay in the converter box and this will require a pricy item to make it work. He said this was unusual but I suspect it is damaged from some constant electrical issues we had down in Southport last summer.

I am a person that can’t stand for stuff to be broken. I am also a maintenance freak.
In a few days it will all be fixed and good as new.


none said...

I'm the same way. Something broken bugs me to ne end especially on a vehicle.