Rwednesday with a silent "R"

I woke up this morning to learn that the Russians and Chinese have been spying on me. Yes right here in my home.

They both have penetrated our electrical grid which runs right up to my bathroom hairdryer.

That kind of gives me the creeps. Where’s my tin foil hat?

The human mind and psychology amaze me always.

Why would anyone judge their complete future on their current condition only, without considering their complete past?

The best advice I ever got was “Never judge your life by its lowest point”.

What I am seeing now are fatally stupid decisions being made in this economic climate. The decisions are being based on irrational fear of the future and the present without regard to the facts of the past.

Lighten up people. Happiness doesn’t always spawn from excesses. We are building character here.

Or maybe people are just plain dumber than I suspected?


none said...

Times of uncertainty tend to be a catalyst for human meltdowns that would happened anyway.

Rock Chef said...

I think that we are just finding that the way the world was running just wasn't sustainable - floating on a big bubble of hot air, the myth that houses can continue to increase in value beyond what the normal man can afford to pay, that it is OK to pay yourself a stupid wage, etc.

But people still cling on! There was a feature on the TV this morning. Our PM has said that he wants the British car industry to become the world leader in new car technology, eg sensible electric cars for daily journeys. What were they saying on the TV? They were ridiculing the vehicles because they only do 40-50mph (you need more for your daily drive to work?) and it is such a pain recharging them! I wanted to slap them. I guess they want to see more gas-guzzling Jags rolling off the lines!

Chris said...

It surely can't get as bad as the Great depression, can it?

Even then, we rebounded....

It's nice to see that in tough times, people aren't out to make a profit. My boss said that they were charging $9 a case for water in Fargo right now. That's FEMA caring, right?

terri said...

I'm gonna go with the "people are dummer" theory.

Ken said...

People are lazy (in general)even when it comes to ....thinking!

MJ said...

I agree with Hammer. One tiny thing being said, and it may not really mean anything, will send the stock market crashing. I am not extremely happy about my current financial situation. But that is now. Who knows what will happen? I may be a millionare next year, I may be in the street.
One day at a time!

Stacy said...

i think people are overall stupid

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid your later conclusion is correct...people are just emotional and mostly stupid. Except you and me of course! LOL!!