Birth Mark

On my right knee is a oh so familiar birthmark. It is about the size of a pill and is tan in color.

Yesterday I looked at it for the first time in years and noticed it was about gone or either faded in the the blotchy universe of my skin.

When I was a child I was so self conscience of it that I refused to wear shorts. Even as a teenager I rarely wore shorts because of this mindset.

One day in the early 1980's I went to an island, wore shorts and flip flops and the rest is history. The birthmark lost it's hold on my life.

Then I thought how perfect my child body was except for this blemish. Now, as my body transforms into a troll I don't much care what anyone see's.

I'm not sure were I was going with this post but it is said now. What was so important is no longer even considered.


Ken said...

(blotchy universe of my skin)
I'll second that!

Seems like a whole bunch of new devious skin crud is taking up permanent residence on me, totally uninvited.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Life's like that friend. Little things around us, on us and in us are rarely given any importance and years later we sit contemplating what is it that we lost.

terri said...

My guess is that your point was the fact that we put so much emphasis on physical appearances when we are young and that the older we get, the more we see that more important is who we are on the inside.

And you're right.

Rock Chef said...

You're turning into a TROLL? Better let Peter Jackson know - he might want you for when he makes The Hobbit! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have the same birth mark. Mine has lightened as well. Whenever Alan and I would get in to it as kids he would always make fun of my birth mark and say it looked like a coffee stain.