Dog Wheel Chair

I'm going to take a stab at building a dog wheel chair. The one's I see online are more than $500. I think I can build one.

You see my girl Cedie who has just one back leg also has epilepsy. She takes a drug that controls her seizures but one of the side effects is that it can cause weakness in hind legs of dogs.

Cedie has a difficult time now standing up and walking. I help her up in the morning and she walks fine. But try and get up again and she ends up dragging her hind quarters around.

I think with some old dog harnesses, some PVC pipe, velcro, lawnmower wheels, that I can build her an assist that will allow her to run again. Her front paws and arms are strong.

I'll let you know how this goes. If anyone has ideas or suggestions please let me know.

Cedie is a good sport. I think she'll take right to it.


Ken said...

My first thought is lighter wheels. Not sure what, depends on inside or outside wheels. I think I can picture the pvc *chair*. Two rectangles supporting a harness and three cross members.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Mic...this could involve Cedie and me driving to TN. A few drinks, fiber glass with wood trim. Oh it would be a work of art.

She sleeps inside but stays outside "guarding" the driveway most of the day.

I'll fiddle with some prototypes and fittings.

Ken said...

Hey Wreg, if you want to pull a TN dogchair caper, I'm up for that. Anytime!

Rock Chef said...

I have seen this a few times - years ago my vet made a metal one for a terrier. It used to fly along!

Good luck with this!

Anonymous said...

Good Man! You're resourceful and clever and you'll figure it out.
Your dog will be very grateful.

Dogs are so very resilient and adapt easily.

Coffeypot said...

I can see the contraption in my mind but I can't get the picture of how Cedie could take a dump or something. Guess Cedie would have to be unbuckle at a certain time as she would be in normal house training. I like the idea, though.