Dress for whatever

I have written in the past about scrubs and the medical profession. How nice to wear PJ's to work.

When I was in St Croix last I had the occasion to be around chef Aaron of The Pickled Greek. He is serious in the kitchen and wears chef jammies.

Yes apparently unbeknown to me there are chef scrubs out there.

I dress casual for my industry and rarely wear a suit. I did wear a suit one week ago and noticed how differently people treated me.

Same old Wreggie but now I got more attention and "yes sirs" while wearing a suit.

Funny on a side note somewhere about five years ago I became Mr. Hunnicutt and was no longer referred to by my first name. This is mainly with vendors I trade with like my laundry guy, my grocery store and of course staff at my club.

Today I shall be in a football jersey and shorts attending a game in Charlotte and they'll call me Wreg....or shithead.


Michael said...

Most people don't go in for all that 'dress for success' malarky down here.

You could wear a suit when you come down in February, or even a tux, I'd still call you Wreg... or maybe shithead.

Ken said...

I like to blend in with my surroundings. Lazy redneck.

Coffeypot said...

CLEAN blue jeans are my dress for success attire. Usually it's cargo shorts. God I love retirement.

Jay said...

You get treated differently at the strip club when you wear a suit and tie there too. I'm just sayin'.

terri said...

I'm usually just Terri, no matter what I'm wearing. Sometimes I'm Mrs. M, if it's one of the kids' really, really polite friends talking to me. But I really hate it when I'm called Ma'am.