Style, Be Careful Where You Land

"I like that boom boom pow
Them chickens jackin' my style
They try copy my swagger
I'm on that next shit now"

My style is somewhere between President Dwight Eisenhower and The Black Eyed Peas. We all tend to gravitate to some comfortable place in our past.

My father in law I swear is so 1930's ... right out of a gangster movie.

A lot of my friend stopped developing stylistically in the 1970's.

Personally I was hung up in the 1980's until boredom made me change my music and style habits for a new style.

But then there is noting sadder than seeing a 53 year old white Man belting out the lyrics to Right Round by Flo-rida and enjoying it. That just isn't right.

So, my style is changing and modifyiny to a new place. I don't think I can survive another 30 years on the same AC/DC.

Where are you?


Ken said...

My styles certainly have changed over the years.

Early hippy type freaks as we called ourselves.(always a wool hat)

Then into strickly working boots with either cut-offs or levis.(wool hats and caps)

The Carribean shorts and flops, tanks for T's and whites and even some pink, with gold jewlery too.(caps and engineer hats)

(confused present)
Lately it's carpenter pants, or carpenter shorts, sneakers, work boots, boat shoes or flops. Tanks, T's and lined flannel long sleeves.(nothing but engineer hats)

(future dreams)
Flops and shorts with my engineer cap.

AmyK said...

I was the typical hippie chick, back in the day. Lived in a commune in Lake Tahoe and had all the attire that goes with that. Did a little disco but loved the 80's big hair, big shoulder pads and gold jewelry. I go by the theory that if you wore it on the first go around, you are to old to wear it on the second. Painful, I know. Now it is capris/white or kaki and t-shirts or tank tops. I'll still sneak on some gold chains when I can.

terri said...

My style is jeans and tanks, t-shirts and hoodies. And don't forget the flip flops.

Whenever I see that show "Gilmore Girls" I think how well I'd get along with the mom character, Lorelei, if she were a real person. She's in touch with her inner child, likes to have fun, get goofy and laugh a lot. She has fun with her daughter and they share clothes. She doesn't take life too seriously most of the time. That's me.

Coffeypot said...

Country and Talk Radio

Rock Chef said...

I am pretty much back to where I was in my late-teens and early 20s - longish hair, jeans, shaving twice a week!