My Thursday

Yesterday I drove north to visit a client who lives almost on top of the Eastern Continental divide. I like standing on a Continental side and the water flows to the Gulf of Mexico, the other side and water flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

I used to have a great affection for the Appalachian Mountains but now they depress me. The weather was typical for the mountains, cold, very foggy and rain.

I lived in the Appalachian Mountains back in the 1970's for five years and got a belly full of cold rain, heavy snow, and sub zero temperatures. I never caught on the to charm of having frozen hair, slick streets, dry skin, dark days, shrunken scrotum, ice and snow everywhere, skin numbing cold, and high frigid winds that so many other people seem to enjoy.

I drove up early afternoon, ears popping with the elevation change and drove into a think fog bank. So thick was the fog I honestly relied mosty on my GPS to get me to the final destination. But that too is part of the charm of mountain driving.

We met at his home, talked, visited and did our business. Then it was time to see his chickens.

This guy started chicken farming about the time I did but never looked back. Now he has about 200 hens and 1 rooster that he is baby sitting. Egg production has dropped from the dark and cold days but soon a 60 watt bulb will fool the chickens into egg production when he get electricity up to the chicken house.


Michael said...

Forget the chickens, I want to know what the fog bank was thinking?!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It had FDIC.

Ken said...

I hope your friend plans to use one of those curly fry 60 watt bulbs, it could save him at least a dozen eggs.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'm sure he'll have to use one. Aren't they soon mandatory by the Feds?

I heard a story from the VI that a robber entered a room and fired his gun in the ceiling for drama. The bullet when through the curly light came back and struck him. He died of the toxins the bullet delivered from the bulb and not the wound.

Several lessons here...a teachable moment.

Rock Chef said...

200 chickens? I lost track of your chickens - do you still have them? How many?

Coffeypot said...

A mountain man and his chickens. The only one happier is the rooster.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

200 hundred hens and one rooster and a 60 watt bulb! That sounds like real fun. Makes for a real good photo-shoot if I could manage to get them all in one frame.