King of the Road

Avionics means "aviation electronics". I love the word and I have personally adapted the meaning to include car electronics.

This morning I overhauled and updated the avionics in my 2000 Ford pickup.

In one unit I got a hidden CD player (old school) AM and FM and HD radio with Bluetooth, a usb port and auxiliary input port. This will completely merge my iPhone and iTunes with my car. Calls will come in hands free with the ID on the LCD screen. Music I hear on HD radio can be tagged for later purchase. Trapster speed traps and live police warnings will come in via Bluetooth.

All for $159 delivered with all installation kits and harnesses for my truck.

I opted not to get the GPS. I already have the add on GPS and like to tinker with the works too much to have it built in.

Just for this moment I am on top of technology. Gone is the old cassette player.


Ken said...

Wow! All for $159 bucks.

How much was the folding wing kit for the 2000 Ford? I know they don't make them for the 1994 Ranger.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Forgot to mention that my iPhone has satellite radio so that is on board too.

I do vertical take offs Mic.

Coffeypot said...

I need to do that, up grade my truck. It's getting harder and harder finding 8-tracks anymore.

I know what you mean with the GPS. I do have one and it's a hoot to play with it on my road trips.

With your updated avionics you can now get clearance for take-off from home without using the hands. Too cool.

Rock Chef said...

I guess it should be "Auto-onics", but that sounds rubbish...

Ken said...

I should have known that. LMAO

AmyK said...

You are the King of the "Boy Toys". My husband did change our GPS to a golf cart with a British accent.