Thrilling Thursday

It is suddenly winter here. It is mostly dark all day with rain and it is in the 40's. This is classic Carolina winter.

I came home and slipped into my Homer Simpson pajama bottoms that I bought at Kmart in St Croix and threw on my sweat shirt that says St Croix Cane Bay. This or some variation will be my winter household garb until the spring thaw sometime near The Masters.

Gigi already had on layers of clothes and reported the horses were in a "pissy mood". They hate nasty weather.

Earlier I had stopped by the club for some social intercourse and a pint of two of OMB. I decided to pick up supper too since it was already dark.

So we ate supper and caught up on the events of the day.

The evenings now I find that my PC is my constant companion for entertainment. I write some web html, mess around with google maps, do some work at a leisurely pace, read a lot of news, and scan Facebook.

One thing I discovered is Google maps street view has caught up to the entrance to my neighborhood. Soon old Google will ride down to the Wreggie compound and witness my home and horses for the world to see.


Ken said...

They already have a 360 degree of my place from the air.
It's a little weird to look down on my property back when I was still clearing and burning. I had a good snoop at all my neighbors back yards too.

Rock Chef said...

Google is a bit rubbish for where I am - although I think this is partly due to British attitudes to data - they like to charge lots for stuff that other countries give away.

terri said...

We're experiencing much the same weather here. Right now it's snowing, but it's going to warm up to 40 and turn to rain. I miss my tank tops and flip flops!

Unknown said...

You're gonna hate me when I tell you we sat out front sipping drinks while it was 75 outside aren't you?