The Good Life

We had a good time tailgating yesterday. I have my part down to a system now and it works rather well.

I now bring a three divided commercial chaffing dish to the event so my first task is to boil a gallon of water. This give me time to set up the two gas grills and or any other device like the fryer.

Yesterday I opted for jambalaya with sausage as the mystery third item. Then we had the usual brats, and bubba burgers. Once all this is cooked I can toss it into the chaffing dish where it will stay warm and moist and I can clean up.

I also bring a collection of hot sauces including several homemade ones my nephew makes and an assortment of Miss Anna's hot sauce from St Croix.

It turns out Miss Anna's is having a contest on Facebook about their sauce and how we use it. All I needed to do is submit a picture of us using the sauce and I might have a shot at winning cases of the stuff.

So yesterday I found these three hot and slightly buzzed women to model my collection of Miss Anna's hot sauce.

Think I have a chance?


Rock Chef said...

The prize is yours, IMO!

Jay said...


terri said...

I don't even like football, but I would go tailgating just to enjoy the spread you put on!

You'll definitely win!

Unknown said...

I like it! You got a good shot.

How our my hot sauces received? I still need to figure out how to sell those suckers.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good. The problem is only one or two will even eat hot sauce. I didn't know there were so many sauce sissies out there.