I am Fast

I do things fast. I don't know why but I do. Most everything I do is with speed and power.

One of those things that is most noticeable is walking. I walk up to the point of a cantor.

When I was in St Croix a month ago I was walking toward the taxi stand in downtown Christiansted. The taxi driver asked if I need a cab. Then he said, "You walk strong man."

I laughed and thought how accurate that description was.


Rock Chef said...

I tend to stride along when I get going - my wife has shorter legs and often tells me to slow down - it's not a race!

But you surprise me here - I thought of you as an ambler!

TerryC said...

Sometimes I feel like "Hammy" in "over the Hedge".

Just totally frenetic and scattered.

Nicole Gariepy said...

I was known around Christiansted for my fast walking as well. They called me "heavy foot", I think they meant "hot foot". My excuse is that it is a New England thing, and I like to get where I am going.

terri said...

I'm a fast walker too, I've got a long stride. When I used to go out walking for exercise, one friend refused to go with me. She said I went to fast for her.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Wreggie. What a compliment.