The Judy Bill

My sister told me years ago that she believed everyone should have free home heating. Now that the government in charge has the mind set in that direction ...why not?

It makes sense. The poor struggle while fat cats sweat with their thermostats turned up to 75 degrees.

People die without antiquate home heating in the winter.

The feds could take control of the public utility system and "reduce costs". This mean no more greenhouse gases and the world could turn colder again. They would rebuild the grid and reduce costs.

Then they could allot heat based on family members and square feet in one's home. The thermostats would be controlled centrally to make sure everyone complies and no one get too much or too little heat.

People with larger home would be required to heat only certain spaces that they occupy. Central control could enforce that too.

People in warmer climates would be required to buy home heating or face a fine.

No one would go without adequate home heating and no one would die or get sick from no home heat. Pipes would no longer burst under the government plan saving even more money.

The federal workers would be on a different heat plan.

There would be no public alternative except a fire barrel.

It is cruel not to push this through.

Judy also thinks clean underwear should be free too but lets get this government run home heating bill passed first.


Rock Chef said...

How about government run home computing? Everyone gets a PC with high speed connection.

The poor will no longer be stuck with slow PCs and dial-up internet! Shipping thousands of standard PCs would make it really cheap!

Everything runs through government servers, so stuff could be monitored (porn, terrorism, anti-Obama comments...) and would be mega reliable!

Sounds great?

Ekanthapadhikan said...

'No one would go without adequate home heating and no one would die or get sick from no home heat."

That sounds great and I too wish the Govt. would push this through effectively and soon.

Ken said...

Just found out yesterday that TVA will come and do a house energy test, give me money to fix problem areas and then give the building a rating. The rating will determine how much energy the *house* should be alloted per year. (amount of people per houshold changes the rating) If I use more than the rated amount I pay a premium.

It kinda makes sense but silly to think our goverment could handle the logistics of doing it to the whole country.

(but I sure could use the free money now!)

TerryC said...

How unfortunate that your tongue-in-cheek words are merely typed.

If you would have spoken them, you could probably have provided heat for an entire town. ;)

Judy said...

When I first got married and was out on my own I was surprised to realize I had to pay for such unexciting things as heat, underwear, toothpaste, deoderant, and toilet paper. I thought that should just all be provided. Like the world owed me that. Boy was I surprised to realize what living on my own meant. Money spent for things I NEEDED and not just for what I WANTED. Big difference.

Michael said...

I think people in warm climates should get a rebate based on every degree their home temperature is above the mandatory minimum.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That would not be fair. You have so many degrees and we have so little. You must share and be nice about it too. Or go to jail.

Michael said...

I'm perfectly willing to share.

I think the Judy Bill should include appropriations to build a pipeline from here to North Carolina to transport some of our heat to you. But we should get compensation for mining our natural resource, like the native alaskans do.