We don't have any festivals and I miss that. In places like St Croix they will celebrate most anything at the drop of a hat and once in place it becomes an annual event.

This is unabated celebration too. Not the reserve "trying to teach Muffy a culture lesson" but open smiles, dancing, drinking, food and music. Alway music.

It is all rather orderly and is over in a few hours.

People of all cultures and ages pour into the streets and celebrate such island heritage as St Patrick's' day, or Christmas Morning Jouvert, or most any holiday like Labor Day Jouvert, Jump Up three times a year, Feast if the Three Kings, whatever.

We used to have celebrations based on history but what few we had were forcefully swept under the mat because one or more groups became offended.

Sad...we should make up something new but I doubt we have the heart to celebrate openly and meaningfully like the islanders do.


terri said...

The thought that we've lost our ability and confidence to celebrate anything fully because we've been burned one too many times... is a very, very sad thought.

Coffeypot said...

I still celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, April 26 in Georgia, not because I am a cook fanatic about the Confederate War Flag (I don’t own one) or any of those type groups, but because of the good ole boys who gave all for reasons they didn’t quiet understand - but not slavery. On the Georgia Memorial Statue on the Gettysburg battlefield, it states,

We Sleep Here in Obedience
When Duty Called, We Came
When Country Called, We Died

PC be dammed. They need to be honored and remembered.