Hump Day Edition

On Monday I installed my new car stereo into my pickup. Earlier in the day I asked my lovely assistant if she would splice the rats nest of wires on the wiring harness for me. She did and it worked perfectly.

The install went fine which really supprised me. I expected something to break, burn, rattle or something to go wrong but it didn't.

This is a major sound improvement for me. Fearing the worse I delayed new speakers but ordered them yesterday. I should have the system complete by the weekend.

The Bluetooth paired up with my iPhone and now calls come in over the stereo. I'm still trying to figure out all the buttons.

My oldest dog Peaches is definitely approaching the sunset of her full life. Her kidneys are failing. She spent last night at the vet hospital on fluids and catheter trying to flush and restart her kidneys.

We are not going to put her through a lot of medical stuff. We just want her to be comfortable for as long as possible.


Ken said...

Sorry to hear about Peaches, it's never easy is it?
Luca turns five years old today.

Chris said...

Peaches is a tough old gal, I'm sure she'll fight through this as well.

P.S. Promise me that you won't become one of those guys who have their bass pumping, and you can hear them coming from a mile away. :)

Rock Chef said...

Sorry to hear about Peaches. I am glad that you aren't going to push things, though. People are forced to hang on long after they should go, but animals with loving owners don't have to suffer like that. Not easy, but definitely the best option for all.

And I second Chris's PS!

Denice said...

OH Reggie, how sad , poor Peaches . It seems like just yesterday when you got her,,,,,,,how did the years go so fast?! dogs just don't live long enough....our hearts are with you

Anonymous said...

Reggie~prior to having seen Grover so sick and thought we were going to loose him I could not have understood the pain involved in loosing a dog. Now, I can. I always knew they were part of the family and it would be hard but it's way worse than just that. I'm so sorry!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks guys....we pick her up today and hope she is with us for a while.

terri said...

Poor Peaches. Give her a hug for me.