I was reading this morning on my blog fiends site about her on again off again affair with Tilapia. Basically she ate Tilapia because if didn't taste like fish until she read the horrid conditions that most Tilapia grow in. They are bottom feeders. Now she is no longer a Tilapia eater.

I love fish. I expect fish to taste like fish. I avoid tasteless fish like Tilapia and Mahi which are everyone's fish of the day because they are tasteless.

Any taste in the above mentioned fish is derived form blackening, a sauce, or frying. Otherwise one is eating white bulk.

Thursday I met my match. My friend insisted we go to a sushi bar for lunch. I like these places fine but I don't particularly like eating with sticks and I am never sure what I am eating so I try it all. Somewhere in the mix I swear I ate some slightly bad carp. I belched strong fish the rest of the day and into the evening.

Ideally I like salt water fish but make exception for fresh water trout and crappy. Salmon ranks high for me. I can it it daily but tuna moves down the scale. I prefer salmon over tuna by a long shot.

I like most fish you can catch in the surf here in NC, yes even spots and croakers.

But I draw the line at bottom fish like catfish and grouper. I prefer caught in the wild to farm raised. I love most any crustacean or shellfish or fish with no skeleton like squid.

And finally give me shrimp and oysters and scallops until I drop.


Ken said...

I have no problem eating bottom feeders. If it's got fins or shells, I'll eat it.

I've been a bit of a bottem feeder myself in the past.

Back when the supermarkets had open dumpsters, I could be seen pulling food out. They threw more cakes, bread products, oranges and tons of food away every day, enough to make your stomach turn at the waste. Now they still throw it away every day, but they don't let you see it. It's sad really.

AmyK said...

Quilty party here. It's all semantics. Wreggie, you say tasteless, I say delicate. We both agree on salmon. I don't think I'm a real picky eater. I love escargot and the crustaceans too. Doesn't Shark have light and dark sections? I'll leave that for you. Bon appetit!

Coffeypot said...

You don't eat bottom feeders, but do you eat liver, the 'oil filter' of the body? You can have the liver, because it taste bad, and I'll have the bottom feeders, because they taste good.

Michael said...

I have to say, that's the first thing I've read from Coffeypot that I agree with.

BTW, most your crustaceans and shellfish, like lobster, scallops, shrimp, are bottom feeders too. Not only that, most the shrimp you get in the store, you know, those bags of frozen Contessa shrimp, are farm raised.

Let your blog fiend know, we had a tour of a tilapia farm as part of our World Food Day festivities at UVI. Watch for Terry's blog post, coming soon. Down here in the VI, the tilapia get a fresh tank of their own. The fish poop is then fed to plants. Aquaculture + hydroponics = Aquaponics = Food from Fish Shit! Think about that next time you're buying pre-mixed organic greens!

Oh, and one more thing. All that gorgeous smooth pearly white crystalline sand spread across those virgin Caribbean beaches, has first passed through fish intestines before landing on shore.


TerryC said...

Cute, Wreg. Baiting us with fish!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No no never Terry.

I knew you could chime in as somewhat of an authority since you have at least visited the source of your local tilapia. They are still regardless of their condition and raising mild in taste and catfish are muddy in taste. Do they force all of these fish to be a male as other tilapia farms do? This sexing controls production output.

I eat farm raised salmon where reports say they eat a diet of mercury and shit. I buy the wild stuff when I can find it.

Bottom feeders for the most part except groupers don't particularly have a good taste to me. I am very aware of where my seafood comes from. We have a great NC seafood industry and I buy local when I have a choice. I never buy farm raised shrimp, again tasteless, just texture and I get the trots.

Most of the mussels you get...fresh water farm raised. They taste good and government inspected. You know they are safe :-).

I am a tasted/texture guy. If talapia was raised in poo but tasted great I would reconsider.

Ya'll......have you seen what a chicken eats?

I buy Miller 64 because it is low in alcohol and taste wonderful. It is raised in fresh water. O'Doul's on the other hand is low alcohol and raise in fish poo. Yet Terry insist she likes O'Doul's better than Miller 64. To each his own.

See you at Zebo's tonight for pizza.

Michael said...

We had delicious white pizza with black olives and mushrooms at Zebo's East. We didn't see you there. D'Ja get lost?