A Couple of Things I don't Like

I really don't like it when someone assumes the worse or get pissed about something that doesn't deserve the anger. Example:

"Dooflachy gave us a piece of cake."

Asshole response "It must be about to go bad otherwise she would have kept it".

No dipshit...she was just being nice.

Or..."I took Cooter Brown home last night...he had a few too many".

Asshole response "Cooter is a damn drunk....he deserves a DWI".

No...no one needed to die at the hands of Cooter...I was just being nice.

Or on another topic when I go to a grocery store and no one is paying attention. Customers just aimlessly wondering up isles plugging up lanes.

"Hey...this is my life too....get out of my way!"

This may be your entertainment for the week but for me it's just a beer run.

And finally I hate using a card machine at checkout. Why did customers have to get involved with a transaction? They are all different and require my undivided attention for 30 seconds which is hard for me to concentrate that long.

"Sir...the machine is waiting for a response."

"Yes 38.76 is correct!"

Let's do it like we do in a restaurant...I hand you the card and do do the checkout...okay? I don't need a nonpaying job.


Ken said...

I've had simular beer runs myself.

People just standing around being isle clutter, slows it all down. Then pack the beer back to the counter where I *have* to show my ID in TN no matter what my age or looks. And then show my *special* Kroger card that lets them keep tabs on what I buy (I get 20 cents off per rack too..whoop whoop di doo))and only then can I *pay* for it.
I can understand why some people are always angry, angry just about all the time.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Agreed. Just give me your best deal and I am done.

terri said...

Doesn't it seem like so many people instantly assume the worst about others? I can't stand that either. I'll find myself defending someone I don't even know, just because someone assumed the worst.

TerryC said...

Really? Someone would actually say something like that when given a piece of cake?

I would never in my wildest dreams think of saying something so petty in a situation like that.

Very odd.

Anonymous said...

Hey...this is my life too....get out of my way!"

I smell tshirt sales...