BBQ Is On!

I woke up naturally at 4 AM and decided now was as good of time as any to try out the new smoker attachment on my new Weber.

So Haley and I headed into the damp darkness and filled the cooker with 48 briquettes, and I lighted 12 briquettes separately to get the fire started. I then added the hot briquettes to the pile along with some hickory wood and water.
 Then the Boston Butt went on.

The temperature is holding steady at 240ish which is a tad hot so I cut back on some air supply.

I check it every hour and add some water and knock off the white ashes to keep the fire going.

It is 7 AM now and this thing looks so good.

I’ll leave it on another three or four hours.

On a positive “Made in USA” note my other grill after 8 years began to weaken at a spot weld. I called Weber last night and they are going to replace the entire cooking dome free. 

A Mic Update.......

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Ken said...

It's 8:00 AM now, is it ready yet?

I could be there in about 4 hours, just in time for lunch, can you keep it hot, I'll bring the beer?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No still cooking nice and slow. I figure 6 or 7 hours total at this pace.

Come on.

Unknown said...

You are becomming the Maestro of Meat. The Prince of Protein. The King of Carne. The Father of Flesh. The Boss of the BBQ. Etc.

Rock Chef said...

Looking good!

Ken said...

I'm running a little's doing?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It is beautiful.....resting now and assuming room temperature, wrapped in Heavy duty foil.

I'm down to two beers. Hurry.