My Soapbox on Money

I know more than a few folks with money and more than a few folks without money who are obsessed by money. Both seem equally miserable contemplating wealth.

Those that have it, and are obsessed, are afraid they’ll loose it, for what I don’t know. The source of happiness and pleasure is between ones ears….same for those who don’t have money.

Honestly if you put these people in a room you couldn’t identify the wealthy from the non wealthy. But you would notice the same attitude about money.

Those with or without are slaves to money.

I don’t get it.

Friends, relationships, kind works, love and family are wealth. It doesn’t take money to have this and money will not enhance this. 

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Ken said...

I get it!

With money, your never broke.
Without money, your always broke.

Happiness is as you say, but broke is broke and it sits heavier and deeper between the eyes than not being broke.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

How do you explain the same behavior and fear and heaviness of the burden of having?

Ken said...

The burden of having?

Did the someone I'm explaining be "given" all of that having, or did they choose to work and gather all that having?

Makes a huge difference.

If they gathered it themselves, they were never happy to begin with and they just thought all the having would make it feel good...wrong!

If they were givin all that having, they might have been happy without it but because they were given it the burden to keep it would be more. JMHO

In my book you can't possibly compare the burden (holding onto it) of having enough money to afford most anything within reason (how about a full tank of gas these days),
to the burden of having little or no money without the chance of getting it for the basic things like food and shelter and a trip to fill up the car tears your wallet open.

We are all slaves to money, yes, but some are very well dressed and get respect and some get no respect at all!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It is really not one end of the rainbow or the other. It is the attitude of money makes some folks miserable. Whether they have none, a little or a lot. A guy that has $100 or $100,000 can be equally miserable worrying about his money. Zero or a million. $5 million or a billion.

Ken said...

Ones worrying how to get it, the other is worrying how to keep it.

I see a huge difference in worry.

I guess the guy with the $100 could be worrying on how to keep it, but he won't have to worry long will he?

KY said...

The worries of the rich and poor are the they worry about is where you start with the differences. In as much as we are all so different, we are really very much the same.

terri said...

Very well said. There are more than a few people I know who need this very reminder.