Epic Cheeseburger

Gourmet burgers are all the rage. I ate this one last month in St Croix.  

Yesterday I indulged in some summer eatery second to none. I fired up the gas grill to high heat and made some hamburger patties from ground chuck.

Fresh home grown tomatoes sliced, Colby jack cheese, lettuce, sliced onions and by golly a perfectly cooked cheeseburger thick and moist. I was tempted to add a fried egg on top but didn’t.

I used a press so the burgers were uniform in size and fit the standard bun perfectly.

So good it was that I ate two. I never do that so maybe that’s why I did it.   

At the grocery store there was ground pork next to the ground chuck. Would this have been better? Maybe…..I’ll have to try.

Perhaps a thin smear of Miss Anna’s New West Indies sauce to spice it up….next time.  

Or any number of added veggies or mushrooms and or a fried organic egg.

This burger was epic in flavor and simplicity yet lent itself to countless options and add-ons.  

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Rock Chef said...

Sounds good!

I had saurkraut on my burgers yesterday...

Another good meat to use is minced lamb - not cheap but tastes wonderful.

Unknown said...

Good chow story, sir.

Ken said...

Momma Mia, that'sa juicy ham burger!

When Bic makes her "special" burger its a real chore to eat two.

terri said...

Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. That's all I need on my burger.

MELackey said...
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MELackey said...

the last time I made meatballs, I mixed ground venison with ground pork. I'm sure the burgers would be GREAT. My reasoning was that venison has pretty much zero fat, so it's not very good for burgers and such unless you add fat (pork, italian sausage, CHEAP ground beef, etc). I normally use it where the recipe calls for browning ground meat. no fat = no draining before adding the remaining ingredients after browning...