A New Dream Format for me to Enjoy

Something very new happened last night in a dream. I was all suited up for scuba and dove in the air above ground. So I was just floating about like I was underwater but had to keep breathing from my tanks to make this work. It was really fun floating at the tree tops or going over highway overpasses.

Yesterday was hot and I was outside a lot doing yard chores and cooking a pork butt. By the time it cam time for me to eat the heat kicked in and I became nauseated and couldn’t finish supper that I had been working on for 12 hours.

But the darn thing is in the refrigerator for enjoyment this week. I feel much better this morning after lots of water and a good night sleep. 

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Ken said...

So hot here yesterday, I became nauseated going in and out the front door to cut flooring.
Like stepping into a wall of thick heavy air that yes, it almost seemed you could swim in it.

Unknown said...

Did you have your pork butt with you when you were flying?

terri said...

The flying dream sounds so fun! I could see that type of sport becoming reality someday.

Be careful in this heat. I watched a softball player go down in the heat two days ago. She couldn't stop vomiting and got hauled off in an ambulance. Very scary stuff.