What Happened?

The weather got nice yesterday. It went from 100 degree highs to 70 but that caused the wind to kick in and that causes big swells off shore and that causes boat trips to be cancelled. So no diving today...8 foot seas.

Gigi and I elected to stay home and vacation. I decided it would be fun to take another run at fire cooked pizza. This is a learning process. 

Two things I have learned, it takes a lot of wood to maintain the heat and second, I need a recipe for a thin pizza crust. 

Enjoy the video.

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Ken said...

looks great, leave off the onions and peppers for mine but heavy on the mushrooms.

Unknown said...

Well now I'll tell ya somethin', sir.

Get yourself some large flour tortillas...the burrito size...and build your pizza on that. I have done this. It works.

Now, THERE'S your thin crust pizza.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Great idea.

Ken said...

Why not use two with a thin layer of cheese( and chopped mushrooms)in between.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Stick with your butt joints.

Unknown said...