I don’t like the word savory. It is a fake cover up word to disguise something that is going to taste bad. Much like the term “vegetable medley” …you just know it going to be some over cooked crap veggies.

Please don’t use the term preggers around me. It sounds like a praying mantis may be stuck sideways in a vagina. Just say pregnant.

That is all for now.    

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Phfrankie Bondo said...

If you think you can just run around, arms flailing, saying the word "vagina" all over the Public Internets then you need some education, Mr. Man.

terri said...

I hate the word "verbiage" as in, "What is the verbiage that's displayed on the website?" Someone started using it around our office and now EVERYONE says "verbiage" instead of just saying "wording" or "text."

Verbiage. What the hell? Drives me nuts.