I Was a Pirate for a Night

Back in September 2009 my pal Ty and I sneaked away to St Croix for a week of snorkeling (pre-dive wReggie), hiking, swimming and general rest and relaxation.

Officially I was there to donate and help install hardware for a web cam at the Pickled Greek, which I must say is running to this very day.  I used an old outdated office computer and a new web cam along with some free software. Michael synched up the software to the server and the rest is history.

Lastly I was also there to install a vent in the kitchen to help alleviate some of the intense heat. 

Being the peak of hurricane season the weather was iffy most of the week with tropical depressions, squalls and heavy thunderstorms.

The weather forced us inside on occasion and what better place than one of the many island bars.

One night we ducked into Angry Nate’s on the Boardwalk for a nightcap and sat at the bar that was shaped like a giant U.

We had our drinks and were talking when we both became annoyed at the increasingly loudness of our fellow drinkers at the bar. Suddenly a big dark haired fellow burst out on a long, funny, vile Pirate limerick that ended with a loud Arrrrrr and cups being pounded on the bar.

It was like I was in a Disney movie.

Pirate Mike as he introduced himself claimed he was writing a book of Pirate limericks and went on into the evening with one after another never repeating himself.

At the end of every limerick we would all be a Pirate and pound the bar and scream arrrrrh!

We finally called it a night late after being thoroughly entertained.

On subsequent trips I would run into Mike sober and he was mild mannered and no fun, or he was so drunk his breath smelled like vomit.

Little did I know that for once that dark stormy September night I caught Mike with the perfect storm of buzzes to produce a night of Piracy.
I caught up with Mike’s whereabouts back in June while visiting the island. It seems Mike had sold his sailboat and moved to Florida and basically given up the Pirate life.  

What a night that was and the memory lives on. 

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Ken said...

Arrrrh! That's a mighty tale!

Rock Chef said...

Funny how you can get a one off like that isn't it?

Wonder what persona he has adopted in Florida?

Unknown said...

One? Just ONE of the lymerics? Please?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

There once was a woman from Belize
Who had pubic hair down to her knees
The crabs in her twat
Tied it in a knot
And constructed a flying trapeze!

That one I remember!