A Nice Sunday for a Dive

Dive 56 is in the books and it was back at The Quarry.

The last quarry dive I did was January when I did my dry suit dives. Since then I have logged 24 dives all in the warm pristine waters of St Croix.

Quarry rats as they are called hanging out to dive and dine. 

Yesterday it was back to putting on a bulky wet suit, hood, gloves, then getting in the water to don my mask and fins when at the final count the strap on my mask snapped.

I wasn’t about to abort this dive after going through the trouble of suiting up so I held my mask to my face the entire dive.

The water was cold below 20 feet. I felt like I was diving in a sleeping bag after being used to wearing just a bathing suit and tee shirt in the warm water dives.

But again this builds experience for the easy dive.

The primary purpose of this dive was to finally checkout and use my redundant pony bottle back up air system.      

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Rock Chef said...

So you were swimming around one handed? Turning right involved a 270 to the left etc?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes but most propulsion is done with the foot fins.

Unknown said...

Couldn't you have used the elastic from your underpants as a mask strap,like McGyver would?