I am really getting stoked about this coming weekend.

As you know Gigi’s spine surgery was postponed and now is scheduled for the 25 of July. This is the surgery that will rebuild her spine.

We decided to take a quick road trip to the NC coast. We are headed to Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Our plan is to arrive Friday and stay at a local Mom and Pop Hotel at the Marina.  They allow dogs so we are taking the two oldest.

Nearby are three restaurants/bars within walking distance that get decent reviews for local food.

Just beyond is the boat I will be catching Saturday morning for an all day off shore dive to Ed’s Lobster Wreck (Porta Allegra on Map).

The dive site is 50 miles off shore in 120 feet of water. It is said to be loaded with life that includes spiny lobster and lion fish. I’ll be going after both.

The challenges are many. The boat ride alone will be 5 hours at best. I don’t know these people like I do in St Croix although Aquatic Safaris has a good reputation for safety. I don’t know the crew or the other divers I will encounter but can assume a decent level of experience since we are diving depth.

I will be taking my 30 CF pony bottle out for the first time. This is a complete redundant system in case my primary system fails or in case I go into decompression mode from the deep water and need to spend 15 minutes just breathing air to equalize the gasses to a safe level in my body.

An unexpected decompression stop occurred to two divers I was with in St Croix and enough air became an issue. I personally try to be more careful but one never knows.

Oh and for fun I am dragging along the Jeep so Gigi can have the truck and I’ll have a vehicle.      

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Ken said...

Fun fun fun wReggie. I think an old buddy of mine (and Phfrankie) works in a bar on the beach. I'll let you know.

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a nice trip! Enjoy!

These lobsters - are you catching for eating?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes. I'll eat them.

Unknown said...

Say Hi to Robert Di Niro for me, will ya?