So Many People Just Don't Get It

Either you like the finer things in life or you don't. It is like properly rigging your boat or knowing the etiquette on the golf course. It's like calling the President "Mr. President" out of respect for the office, even if you think the guy is an idiot.  

And so, here is the proper basic foundation of a table setting. She did not address the blade of the knife which I personally have a strong opinion on. I was taught "blade out" and think it looks better.

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Ken said...

On "S/V Windigo" with guests on board I prided myself nightly on presenting a PERFECT table. With a different napkin fold every night, every utensil, plate and glass equally spaced and exactly the same distance off the edge of the table, I was complimented numerous times by these fine, wealthy folks who knew of the "finer things in life." (I drank a lot of rum and pineapple during the process too)

Rock Chef said...

Nah, just give everyone a like of cutlery and let them get on with it!

Unknown said...

Blade "in", dude.

Blade in.

In 1970, as a sophomore in high school, I took Home Econimics, as it was being offered to males for the first time ever.

I learned alot about things kitchen related, including table setting, and we cooked some great chow.

Blade in, dude.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I was a banquet waiter in college and an upscale place and they were insistent that the blade be out to make the setting look more rounded.

matshorts said...

i like the place the silverware in the middle of the plate on top of an unfolded paper napkin. My wife often gives me the hairy eye for that.