Old Family Photos Just Found

My Family circa WWII

My father (middle) and his parents. I never knew my grands parents. Think cigarettes might have caused that?

My mother and still quite alive and well. Look at the details of this beautiful dress and shoes.

My fathers brother....I knew as Uncle Fab. Strange guy and a mans man. Big adventurer in his youth. 

My fathers sister and my aunt Martha. A wonderful woman with many problems. She loved to laugh and enjoyed a good cry.  

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terri said...

Love these. Thanks for sharing them. I love old family photos, even if I have no connection to the people in them, as long as someone can tell me who they are. When my grandma passed away, she left a trunk full of photos. Not a one of those photos was labeled, and my dad really didn't know who anyone was in any of the photos.

Ken said...

Grandpa and Grandma looking mighty proud of their sailor-man.

Unknown said...

I would like to marry Aunt Martha.

Rock Chef said...

Great photos.

I have been scanning a load of photos for my wife's family - I hope we can put names and details to the people like you have here.