Tee for Four

It is kind of weird. Normally this morning I would be waking up at Jekyll Island, GA in site E6 with all the familiar smells of campfires, bacon and coffee. The dogs would be a bit confused and excited to be back.

But this year we are home awaiting surgery for Gigi with no regrets.

Today I play another round of golf. I swear I may have to give it up because I play so bad and infrequently.

The small group I played with regularly a few years back just quit playing and so did I. It was fun playing with a group that had equal skills and personalities.

We all shot decent scores of 99ish which isn’t bad for a group of hackers. My best games were 89 and 93 a few years back.  

Most folks I play with now are strangers and are serious about the game so it not so fun for either of us anymore.  

But today I am playing with 3 out of four of the old gang so it should be a lot of fun. 

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Ken said...

The Old Hack Gang would be great name for a band.

Have fun!

I just spent an hour trying to find a cheap last minute flight to the shack....can't be done!