Things Happen to Old Stuff

Friday morning I took Gigi to a kidney specialist. When I started my truck I heard an unfamiliar sound. As loud and clankey as a Ford diesel is, it does make predictable noises.

When I put it in gear I could feel the brakes and steering wheel had lost their hydraulics.

Fortunately my mechanic makes house calls and he suspected a broken hose. It was.

After the repair we exchanged eggs, vegetables and money and the deal was done. He grows the best tomatoes in cow and horse shit. And my truck was fixed.

It seems something is going on with her kidneys or possibly something else is making her kidney function abnormally. At any rate she will have to put off surgery until this is cleared up.

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Ken said...

What? You replaced a kidney hose and she's still loud and clanky?

(Gigi, you know I'm just kidding right?)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

She doesn't even read my blog.

terri said...

Poor Gigi. I hope that whatever is going on, it is something that can be remedied so she can have her surgery. Seems that poor girl has put up with more than her share of health issues.