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Since the NFL lockout didn’t get resolved I decided it was time for a review of what is happening at the farm.

It is hot as Ned’s ass. 98 and 100 are commonplace but the rest of the country is cooking too so tough titties. Buck up and deal I guess.  

I continue this Weber cook-a-thon with spun chicken with lemon and rosemary just last night. A bit of hickory smoke blended it all together and it was divine. Some sliced home grown tomatoes and cucumbers with vinegar and egg noodles rounded out that feast.

 I bought a Boston Butt on sale for $1.69 a pound and it will get some kind of low and slow cook with hickory this weekend.

Somehow the Weber has been therapeutic dealing with stress of Gigi’s on again off again surgery schedule. I am loving learning to cook between hot spots and warm spots and blending smoke and flavors.  

Gigi’s surgery has been cancelled indefinitely until we resolve her low sodium problem. It may be kidney problems so that is where we are headed this morning to a kidney doctor.

My “baby” chickens started laying yesterday. 5 little eggs total. I had not expected them to lay for another month.

Like last summer I have my truck fully loaded to dive at the quarry at a moments notice. It is fun to be able to take a few hours, dive, get refreshed, have a few beers and grill with friends. This dive quarry PDRA is really a nice respite and great facility.

Finally the Jeep. I have not had the top off this season mainly because if I do I will have to get a new roof. I barely buttoned it up last fall and knew the time would come to replace the roof. So I’ve been driving when it isn’t so hot but I need to buy a roof and toss this old one.

Plus the Jeep needs a new muffler.  

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Rock Chef said...

Sorry to hear about Gigi's operation - hope you can get this sorted quickly.

Good cooking is very theraputic - sounds like you are doing some great stuff. Might grab some hickory for when we go camping, reading this post made my mouth water!

Back soon, meanwhile have a great summer!

Ken said...

That was a lot to read, it's a good thing you put that picture in there.
Good luck with the new doctor.

Unknown said...

I hear they are concidering making roof tossing an olympic sport for the 2014 games.

terri said...

Sounds like you are getting lots of fun and leisurely summer activity in. When do you find time to work?