The Brain

We tend to buy things like flour, sugar, coffee, ground black pepper, and salt in bulk at Costco or Sams Club.

The other evening I was filling industrious and decided it was time to fill the salt and pepper shakers. We have various sets of shakers in the prep area in the kitchen, and a few other shakers for table use.

Finding the keg of salt was easy. For the life of me I couldn’t locate the black pepper.

I asked Gigi and she said it was in the second pantry on the bottom shelf. Then we both paused and realized just how amazing the human brain is.

Gigi had not seen the pepper in months yet her brain retained this information through trauma, surgery, flat lining, recovery, and a million other things and yet she was able to accurately recall where the pepper was stored.

Sure enough it was there where she said. 

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Rock Chef said...

Yet we come to rely on electronic gadgets more and more.

Recreate Gigi's experiences for your iPhone and see what it can remember!

Ken said...

...and I thought you weren't going to be able to figure out how to open the shakers.

Unknown said...

So many little time.

terri said...

A woman's brain is a powerful mechanism!