The mother in law came in for a two day visit. We asked her specifically not to give the dogs any leftovers because it upsets their stomachs. But more on this later.

After a warm family exchange of pleasantries, Gigi and I headed for a day of Doctors appointments and errands, and her mother Charlotte, headed back to the coast.

I have learned that fresh eggs can go a long way in bonding a relationship, so I bring a dozen for the doctor, and a dozen for the key staff.

Organic eggs are all the rage, and the doctors and staffer really appreciate the thought.

When ever I walk in a doctor’s office with a big bag of eggs, I am dying for someone to ask what is in the bag. My pat answer will be, “A stool sample”. No takers yet.

Gigi and I visited two doctors’ offices for appointment, had lunch, and dropped by my office for a moment. The activity managed to fill most of a day. And it was super being able to park at the prime handicap spots.

We even stopped by the book store for her to browse. I personally loathe book stores.

By late afternoon Gigi was worn out. We entered the back door to a wave of knee buckling funk that rolled out the door like an escaping cat. Sure as shit, two dogs had the shits.

This event broke the just established record of 5 weeks with no accidents. I have been taking care of the dogs exclusively, and have kept them in good bowel order. Where was the breech of protocol?  

Gigi then told me that the MIL gave them her leftovers last night after specifically being asked no to give the dogs leftovers.

See why I like her so much?    

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Unknown said...

Knee-Buckeling Funk would be a good name for a band.

Ken said...

Be sure to send a thank you card.

terri said...

My father in law feeds all of his granddogs from the table despite the fact that everyone asks him not to. He gives Milk Bone brand dog treats to all of them in spite of the fact that half the dogs have allergies or other issues and can only have specific brands of dog treats.

There is no telling some people. He thinks he's being loving by doing this.

And the dogs DO love him!