Gigi Update

Gigi has been amazing. She has hit her stride in rehab.

Plans now are for her to be discharged next Tuesday morning.

Rehab consists of physical therapy, and occupational therapy, which mean regular shit like dressing, showers and personal hygiene.  Along this line we have a two hour session Thursday afternoon practicing getting Gigi in and out of my big truck for a Friday doctor appointment.

Her attitude is fantastic. I can see fire in her eyes.

There is a long road ahead and she still has a lot of pain and wound discharge….but I can see fire in her eyes. This is good. 

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terri said...

This brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy and for Gigi and for you. Gigi is still in my prayers. I hope her progress continues to go so well.

Ken said...

Sounds great wReg, sounds like she's gonna kick her own ass right back into the race. Go Gigi!

Rock Chef said...

So good to see this - the fire in the eyes says it all.

Keeping you both in my prayers!