How To Crash a Party on an iPad

Every Friday there is a bourbon tasting at a friends house down in Lockwood Folly, North Carolina. Like clock work, friends show up at his house around 3:50 PM on Friday, go through the unlocked doors, and begin setting up the party.

Folks bring snacks, bowls of nuts, chips, dip, and one person brings the chosen bourbon of the week to taste.

Then promptly at 4:10 PM a toast is made, and all sample the unmarked bourbon.

The following hour or so is socializing and sipping the house bourbon which is Marker’s Mark. Oh, and we all toss in some money to cover for the Maker’s Mark.

Then after a while everyone cleans up and we go our separate ways.

Yesterday I took the chance that some other friends of mine just might be there and have their iPad with them.  I videoed called them on Facetime just to see if I could crash the party via video.

Sure enough, suddenly I was there in the party. He took his iPad around with me on the screen for me to mingle with the crowd. People were laughing and yelling, “Hey Hunnicutt”, in their loud bourbon outdoors voice. 

I gotta tell you, I'll be attending more of these weekly functions via the iPad. 

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terri said...

I LIKE this idea. Feeling too lazy to get cleaned up to go to a party? Don't worry! Just stretch out on the couch and attend via Facetime!

Unknown said...

Yeah but...yeah but...yeah but....the BOURBON...

Ken said...

Maybe I'll go virtual cruising instead. Ya. Right!

Alyssa said...

They just need to make a way to sample the bourbon via the internet. Now THAT would truly be technology at it's finest! :)