I love Technology

Craigs list can be great. Today’s find is an AT&T Microcell that will boost my 3G phone service to 5 bars here at the home. It hooks to the Internet and miracles go on somewhere else and I get mo power out here in the sticks.

New they are $200 from AT&T, and I am getting a new one from a very nervous woman who is sure I am a pervert for $80.

I will meet her at an exit at a yet to be disclosed public place.

Hopefully now I can convince Gigi to drop the dedicated hotline to her mother, or as the rest of you call it, the land line.

A talking assistant call Siri comes with the new iPhone that was announced yesterday. I’ll have to get. Check out the demo videos. 

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Rock Chef said...

You are a pervert for $80? Cheap! :-)

Ken said...

Ya but,...but....

...can it wipe my ass?

Unknown said...

I will never ask to use Mic's phone.

Even his land line.

Or go into a phone booth that he ever came out of.

But the 4S is quite cool.

(never let Mic use it)

terri said...

Bring one or more of the dogs with to the meeting. That'll put Nervous Nellie at ease.