wReggie wRedesigns the Calendar

Our garbage pick up day used to be on Wednesday. This meant that on Tuesday night I would roll the garbage can down the driveway and out to the street for an early morning pickup.

This was all well and fine. Garbage pick up day marked the middle of the week.

A few months back our garbage pickup day was moved to Monday. This required me to take some of my fun time on Sunday and deal with things of Monday. I resent that I have to take some of my time off to deal with what should be work week business.

Then I got to thinking just how screwed up the calendar is anyway and it got me thinking about a redesign.

Let’s have 8 days a week and add a day between Saturday and Sunday and call it Funday.  So now you work 40 hours a week, 5 days a week, and have a three day weekend. All months are now 32 days.

The miserable month of February get reduced to 6 days. During February we have our elections and file our taxes.  The 6 day month is devoted to government activity only. All the crappy meaningless government holidays are during those 6 days.  Toss in Presidents day, ML King day, and Valentines day for starters. I’m sure we can come up with three more.

Finally the extra week we have leftover gets added to October. October is a really nice month for outdoor stuff. More golf, football and visits to the beach because we have one extra Funday in October.

Who’s in? 

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Unknown said...

I'm in.

It will henceforth be called the wReggerian Calendar.

Dice Mardell said...

...me too !

I like FUN