Playing With My Wood

I have managed to collect quite a variety of wood for smoking on my grills.

The standard “go to” smoking wood, in plenty of supply around these parts, is hickory. It has a very rich flavor but can be overdone.

Last night I used mesquite wood on the pizza oven. It burns very hot and has a nice flavor.

Before cooking, no known images after cooking cause it was so damn good.

Sunday at the tailgate, I plan to use cherry wood for the chicken. It is supposed to have a nice mild flavor and is said to darken the chicken to a nice brown color.

A friend brought me some pecan wood the other day. I am letting it dry a spell before I use it.

Finally, last week, I acquired some apple wood that I will use on pork.  

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terri said...

My brother does a lot of grilling using various woods. It really does make for some delicious foods.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking of using a chunk of 5-1/8" x 23-1/2" Glu-Lam next time I spin a koala.