Google Maps

Nothing is much more thrilling to a nerd like me than to get behind the Google Street View camera and get my picture taken.

Here you see the car ahead with a big red ball about 6 feet over the car on a stalk with guy wires.

In a few months I’ll look me up on Google maps to see me in the red truck.

It you recall a few years ago I was seen in my Jeep on Google maps. 

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terri said...

It's got to be an extremely small percentage of people that actually end up in one of those shots. And you've now made your way into TWO of them? Maybe you'll be the next internet sensation. Sort of like Where's Waldo, except it'll be Where's wReggie and people will look for him all over Google maps. You're going to have to work on getting into more of these shots for this to work, though. Get going!

Unknown said...