Don't Get Me Started

I don’t do navigational directions. I hate them. I get pissed off if you start explaining directions. Give me a GPS address and I’ll rely on machinery to get me there and I’ll know precisely when I will arrive. I couldn’t care less if my way isn’t the best way. Sorry.

I am a fast walker….always have been. My father and sisters were/are fast walkers. The majority of the world is medium to slow walkers. Many of slow walkers are enormously fat. This then plugs up the pathways so I have to walk slowly. I have racked up miles of walking behind slow fat walkers in hospital hallways the past few weeks. 

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Ken said...

I charge through Krogers on the way to the beer isle so fast my wake sucks in toddlers left unattended.

Rock Chef said...

Used to love listening to my grandad giving directions. "You will come to a junction with 3 banks on it. Ignore that and keep going. If you see the Firestation you have gone too far."

Unknown said...

LOL @ Mic!!

Which brings us to the crux of the bisquit: Beer should be AT the checkstand, in refridgerated units set at 36 degrees.

That way, even the slow and the fat can get in and out quickly.

Judy said...

I can not receive directions!! It goes straight in one ear and out the other. I feel the same way and yes you are right I am a very fast walker!!