News From The Home Front

I have been enjoying Sangiovese wine of late. Sangiovese is a red Italian wine grape variety used in Chianti. It is lighter than my usual reds, but is good, and I like the change.

Brian the grill is fully functional and joined the Weber fleet on Monday. The legs are sturdy and I installed a thermometer.

Back in the early 1960’s I would still see a few old school Pepsi bottles in circulation. I saved these two for the past 50 years and finally came up with a use for them. They are now tailgate salt and pepper shakers. I just added plastic shaker caps that I got off eBay.

And finally, behold my new dutch oven with a clever skillet top. It is two pots in one. This will be great on the grill tailgating and camping. 

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Ken said...

That other mean tough dirty son of a bitch Phrfankie and I lived months in the woods of Idaho with nothing but a cast iron dutch oven and a cast iron flat plate that spanned the fireplace.

A great tool!

terri said...

I remember a Pepsi bottle like that in our kitchen when I was growing up. My mom used it to stand the Angel Food cake upside down after baking it.

Rock Chef said...

That pot looks great - but I suspect that without due care you could put your back out when lifting it!