Special Treatment

Back in June, when I was in St Croix, I noticed my regulator was taking in water with every breath. I came to find out that the exhaust diaphragm was failing, allowing water to flow back on an inhale.

My local dive shop ordered the parts for me and 4 months later they finally came in.

I bugged them so much about the parts that they promised they would special test the regulator to make sure it would hold up for me.  

They called me yesterday and said the regulator was ready and then sent this special video.

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Ken said...

Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha

terri said...

Well that ought to relieve any doubts you might have about its durability.

Rock Chef said...

Thank God for rigorous quality control!

Unknown said...

What Mic said.

However, I am not copying him; I invented Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha years ago, I just haven't used it in a while.