I don’t do self checkout

I don’t stock my stores shelves so I don’t do self checkout.

I don’t get any company benefits so I don’t do self checkout.

I don’t do retail labor for free so I don’t do self checkout.

I always have an exception at self checkout so to saves me time not to do self checkout.

I like human interaction so I don’t do self checkout.

I don’t do self checkout.  I refuse. 

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Ken said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!

Rock Chef said...

With you all the way there!

I say that they infringe my Human Rights!

"Unexpected Item In Bagging Area."

"Item Removed From Bagging Area."

"SHUT UP, BITCH!" (that was me, btw!)

Alyssa said...

:) I LOVE self checkout, but only when it's at a store where they don't bag my groceries for me anyway. Superstore, for instance: they don't bag groceries and the clerks are so very painfully slow. Self checkout: quick, painless, and free of the need to repress my impolite eye-roll when the clerk double scans my item AGAIN. Self checkout is the best thing to happen to that store EVER. If they can't do their job correctly, I'm more than happy to do it - more quickly and efficiently - for them. :)

terri said...

I love the self-checkout, especially at the grocery store when all the lanes have people with carts packed full and I only have a few items and the only available cashier is the crabby guy who doesn't take care not to squish my squishable stuff as he's running it past his scanner. Otherwise, I'm okay with the old-fashioned way of checking out.