Here’s How the Week Went Down

Monday – 8 hour surgery followed by a long difficult recovery. She had a cardiac arrest and was worked on for some time before she was resuscitated. I am told to go home but her condition is grave.

Tuesday – Move to ICU in the early morning from recovery in the Orthopedic Hospital to the main hospital. Her ventilator was removed about 1 PM and she breathed on her own. Big victory. I am so glad to see her and she is alive.

Gigi and I two weeks ago.
Wednesday – In ICU and the body is telling us it didn’t like a cardiac arrest. Organ enzymes are very bad for her kidneys, heart and liver.  These need to improve soon.

Thursday – She is stable enough to be moved to Critical Care unit from ICU. Her enzymes are starting to show better news.

Friday – She takes two small walks on a walker. In the afternoon her mind starts acting strange. That night I am called in to be with her. She is having Post Operative Delirium.  I spend the entire night with her and she never slept.

Saturday – Not at all improved and she is assigned a sitter to monitor her while I am gone.

Sunday – Improved with her mindset, talks to me and makes a few jokes. I am grateful.  Her body is healing well and her enzymes are returning to normal. The doctors think the main culprit with her mind is the low sodium. This has to be increased slowly. I am encouraged.

I have one tough woman, don’t I? We are thankful for all your prayers and need them coming for her recovery.

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terri said...

Gigi continues to be in my prayers.

Yes, you DO have one tough woman!

Rock Chef said...

You have been on my mind all weekend - checked FB and here a couple of times to see if there was an update.

What a week! Looks like things are moving in the right direction, though.

Will continue to pray for both of you.