Weigh In Time

My body tends to run on 5 year cycles where I reach an ideal weight, then gradually creep up over years to a place where the clothes are tight, and my blood pressure is high.

I am at the wrong end of the 5 year cycle so I decided to do something about it.

I am good at weight reduction once I commit.  Last Sunday during NFL football, I couldn’t help but notice all the ads for Weight Watchers for men. I’ve read a lot of good things about the regime so I decided to give it a try.

Basically I am allotted 33 point a day to use as I please. It becomes a game to me when I find hacks that maximize my points. Exercise can add points. Fruit and vegetables are free with no points. Some things I love like, orange juice or coffee creamer are so costly that I avoid them now.

Still some of my favorite foods are low points like chicken, lean beef and lean pork.  

It is a slippery slope on booze. My go to drink is red wine however it commands a stiff penalty. White wine is doable and only 3 points. An ounce and a half of bourbon is 3 points. A light beer is 4 points.

Honestly after 5 days and going on six I can feel the weight dropping off. Mid week I did a weigh in just to see and I had lost 3 pounds.

3 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot but go to the grocery store and head to the butcher section and gander at 3 pounds of pork fat. That is quite a hunk of fat. That motivates me. 

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Rock Chef said...

Well done!

Men seem to have it much easier than women when it comes to weight loss - most guys just think "hey I will drop beer and cake for a couple of weeks" and are sorted so long as they stick to it. Really annoys my wife...

Unknown said...

Soon you will be the "David" of North Carolina.