The Blank Slate Before Me

I got roasted at the Masters. Yes, I know better. My big old head, forehead especially got cooked in the sun.

Now I have flakes of skin raining down from my nose and forehead. Gross!

I am so excited by the blank slate in front of me. Summer fun waits.

It appears it will unfold as follows:

We head to Hilton Head May first for a wedding and R and R in the RV.

Then we tow the RV to Southport to leave it there for the summer. We visit on the weekends.

We are planning a return to St. Croix in early June. Detail of course will follow.

Late June we head to Jekyll for a real vacation and 10 days at my second favorite island.

We wind down to the fall at Southport on weekend visits.

Notice a beach theme here? I can’t wait.

Tomorrow I head to the beach including Ocean Isle, NC, Lockwood Folly, NC, and North Myrtle Beach, SC to visit clients.


Jay said...

Accepting clients who only live in beach towns is a great business model. I might try it myself. Well, beaches and Vegas. ;-)

TerryC said...

What? They don't sell sunscreen in GA? Even this third world country has that stuff!

We're psyched to hear you're coming back so soon!!!

Jahooni said...

I leave Saturday ;)~

Doc said...

OIB is one of my most favorite places on earth... Except you can't even cast your rod there without reeling in a shark, other than that and the hurricanes I could live there year round.

Anonymous said...

Dang! I'm just happy our temps are hovering above 50 these days. I have no real vacation plans except for the four day weekend in Bayfield, WI (which is a GOOD one) and hopefully a weekend or two at the in-laws' cabin at the lake.

Ali said...

That sounds like a pretty sweet summer you've got lined up... mine is fairly open too - just riddled with diaper changes :)