Countdown to Vacation

I took off yesterday afternoon to cut the grass and wash the behemoth RV. The weather was nice in the afternoon.

NOTE TO LOCAL WATER POLICE: I am on a water well, it is my well, my property, my water and I maintain the well without the use of any local, state, or federal money. If the well goes dry it is my problem. I will not be expecting any assistance or bailout from any government agency.

By 6:30 PM my chores were done. The RV is white again from removing winter dirt and spring pollen (damn trees are having sex everywhere).

I swear I feel like I am deicing a passenger jet when I crawl over that beast.

Today I am a bit sore and stiff from washing the RV, but I’m looking ever so forward to the opening ceremony of The Masters this morning, so I’ll suck up and work through the pain.

Saturday morning I will be there at The Masters. Gigi and I, the dogs and the parrot will head down to Augusta, GA Friday morning. Gigi found a RV park on the lake, get this, Strom Thurman Lake, in SC. We’ll be just outside the event, but far enough away to relax.

So I’ll tie a few loose ends at the office today and finish packing and hooking up the RV this afternoon.


Kuckie said...

I'm sure you're going to have a fabulous time!

Unknown said...

You will ahve a blast! I am not even a golf fanatic and I went to TPC last year and it was amazing. I plan to try and go again this year.

Ali said...

Damn - I hate those oversexed trees! Leaving love juice everywhere.

Have an awesome time at the Masters!

Ken said...

Your discription of cleaning the RV makes me laugh! It's BIG!!!

I've done some cleaning and,...whatever of some BIG things. [boats]

You know, I've always looked at RV's as a "Land Yacht" All the comfort systems, maintanece, size and expense are similar, ones land, ones water!

When your ready to upscale from Origami 2, you'll know just what your getting into! Ha Ha Ha