The Trip of a Golfer's Lifetime

We are back from our trip to the Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. More on that place later.

Gigi and I pulled into out lake front lot late on Friday. The lake level was very low so actually visiting the water was a 150 yard walk. Still the lake was beautiful.

All the other sites were teaming with rednecks happily doing loud redneck stuff. One neighbor looked just like Charles Manson. Gigi told me to be nice and just act like a good neighbor.

One fellow drove up in a golf cart with his dog when I started to drive my RV into the slot. He sat there, mouth open, taking in the oxygen needed to keep his redneck ass alive. He watched every move I made. I was getting annoyed, Gigi said be nice.

Finally I finished parking and got out of the truck to check out the location. The nice neighborly redneck spoke, “You know, your outboard motor drug on the pavement from the center of the road until you finished parking.”

I’m thinking,”What, and you just watched it and didn’t tell me?”

I looked at the motor and sure enough I had scraped off maybe ½ of the prop guard. Thank you mister redneck for the heads up.

Saturday at the masters was a wash out. Gigi and I arrived late morning. Parking was easy, everyone was friendly and there was a light rain falling. Within an hour the play was stopped, the rain poured down and you could hear thunder nearby. We were soaked and decided to leave for the day.

The beauty and attention to detail at the Augusta Golf Club is almost indescribable.

Walking in you are subject to airport like but friendly and respectful security. Nothing gets in that is prohibited, especially cells phones, cameras etc. Folding chairs must be a certain type.

Once you walk into the grounds its like on the Wizard of Oz when it turned from black and white to color. Everything is beautiful. You are hurried to a large courtyard to clear the entry where there are concession buildings, huge bathrooms and souvenir shops. This was one of many entry places and intersections were patrons could refresh and decide a plan of attack.

All the buildings were spotless, painted Master’s Green and very well maintained and had more than adequate polite staff.

As you left this area you walk down paved stone or brick trails surrounded by huge pine trees, blooming azaleas, and humongous magnolia trees. There is no exposed dirt anywhere. All the beds are mulches to perfection. There are acres of beds.

The walkways are clean. No debris, no trash, nothing, just a canopy of beauty.

As I approached the golf course I found that I kept raising my sunglasses to see if the colors and perfection were tainted by my glasses. No, what I was seeing wasn’t artificial turf. It was grass at perfection.

Honestly, I got emotional twice the first day. I have such respect for the game of golf and the history behind this place.

More later, I need to catch up on my regular blog reads.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a beautiful place! Too bad you got rained out.

As you were describing Gigi telling you to be nice, I was thinking, "Yep. Just like Mark and me."

Kuckie said...

sounds awesome! I was thinking of you on Sunday while we were at BW-3's getting a bite to eat. The Masters was on, and I told hubby that you were there and were totally not missing it just for kidney stones!!

Unknown said...

Rednecks like golf?!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Kuckie, The stones never acted up again.

Jay Gray, no these were just red necks doing redneck stuff. I don't think they knew The Masters was in town.