A Crappy Man Day

Yesterday was a day set aside just for me, yes, it was going to be a man day for me, my Jeep, and a group of men. I have looked forward to this day for weeks.

The weather for the first time this year was warm. I had the top off the Jeep and a 2:20 tee time with two of my first cousins.

My plan was to run a few errands, hit the practice range, have some lunch and dive into a fun and warm round of golf.

Turns out my golf sucked so bad that I desperately wanted to leave after 9 holes. It was humiliating. It was like I had never played before. I may lay off for a few weeks and quit.

I am so glad that round is behind me.

Next week Gigi and I head to Hilton Head, SC for a wedding. We are staying at a fancy boy RV park. At this place you must have a late model 5th wheel or motor home. No travel trailers and no pop-up campers.

On Sunday we are moving the 5th wheel to Southport, NC for the summer except for a brief respite to Jekyll Island, GA over the 4th.

What the owner has done for us is set up a temporary site in Southport until a permanent site opens up. They wired up 50 AMP power, water and there is sewer. The location is lousy for now, it’s behind a garage. It was nice of them to accommodate us.

Well, it is time for Saturday chores, cleaning gutters before the rain and trimming the grass.

Oh, and keep a good thought for the Carolina Panthers in today’s NFL draft.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a bad round of golf. It must have been really bad if you were ready to bail out!

Does the RV Park have a dress code too? I'm picturing a ban on beer t-shirts, cut off shorts and mullets...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No. That that was the dress code a few weeks ago outside of Augusta.

There should be a universal ban on mullets.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You know...I got to thinking...we started drinking beer out of the box on number one.

A foolish rookie mistake.

Normally I wait until the back nine and then only two beers. I believe we had four each during the round.

When Cooter approachith, good golf fadeith.

Shame on me.

TerryC said...

You should probably just quit.

Golf is a game for snobby rich people with too much time on their hands.

Jahooni said...

laughing at Terri about the dress code for the RV Park!