First Trip of the Season

I hooked up the camper last night. We’ll pack some clothes and food and be on our way by midday. It’s about a three and a half hour drive to Augusta.

I am about as excited about the thoughts of camping as I am going to the Masters.

You see, poor me hasn’t had a vacation since I was in St. Croix in the first week of February. This may be a modern day record for me, the longest streak of work without time off to refresh. Plus I recall a stressful move a few weeks ago.

Bring on the R and R.


Doc said...

Enjoy the Masters... I am a tad bit envious.

Ali said...

Just one second while I wipe the green off my face....ok, there.

You know, anytime to want to drive that baby up to Canada you just go right ahead - I like R and R too :)

Have fun!

TerryC said...

Don't forget to pack your gray suit. And Gigi will need her long gray skirt and gray sweater.

And make sure someone has a polaroid camera for a good photo or two!


Logzie said...

Oh...I feel SO sorry for you!

NOT!!!! :0)

Jahooni said...

You are spoiled.

I have a brand new 21 ft travel trailer, how about we meet in the middle or go visit Ali and butterbean? hee hee

Have a fun and safe trip you two love birds.

Ken said...

From my first reading the title of your blog, I always thought of you,
as "Mr. Vacation"

It's about time you stepped up to the plate!

Anonymous said...

Reggie- great photo here. Have fun, but, hey, does Gigi know you're taking Barbara Bush ( in her younger days )on vacation with you?